Fund raising

Healthy Fund Raising Program

“Back to our roots!”

Our mission; Contribute to the community’s development and maximise your fund raising, by offering viable healthy products, for the profit of:

  • Sports teams ans organizations;
  • School and after school activities and programs;
  • Foundations and non-profit organizations;
  • Health and heath research institutions;
  • Corporate groups who wish to sponsor à good cause;
  • Your special projets.

Everybody loves our mini greenhouses with cherry tomatoes and fine herbs!

In 2019, 32 organismes have generated over 67 000$ in profit to realize their projets, thanks to our financing program!

Your financement:

  • Easy and efficient pre-sale interactive system; no advance funds and zero waste!
  • Achieve your goal in 5 easy steps:
    1. Identify à coordination responsible;
    2. E-mail (or hand out) our Interactive Purchase Order form to your participants;
    3. Promote your fund raising campagne in your area on internet;
    4. Using our Automated Orders Compilation Tool, send your consolidated order to Les Serres du Terroir;
    5. We deliver the products at your door, for your customers pick-up.
  • Evaluation survey, ounce your fund raising campagne is completed.



Following the COVUNO mini greenhouse instructions, each plant may produce 250 to 500 cherry tomatoes!

online instruction manual in 5 easy steps



Our products for your fund raising campaigns

Mini greenhouses with choice* of:

3 colors of cherry tomatoes; red, blue and yellow

2 fine herbs varieties; basil and parsley

*other varieties on demand.

Contact us for details!


Fund raising tastes much better when good health is favored…!

  tomato-rouge tomato-mauve tomato-jaune