Covunostm mini greenhouses 4 pack including 4 varieties of cherry tomatoes.

Covunostm mini greenhouses 4 pack

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Covunostm mini greenhouses including 3 colors for 6 cherry tomato plants.

Covunostm mini greenhouses 6 pack

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The company offers a wide variety of freshly grown vegetables:

Tomato plants, greenhouse tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, as well as salad seedlings, sprouts, cucumbers, onions, green onions, garlic … Our horticultural knowledge and nutritional expertise offers our customers an unparalleled experience. Your meals will not only be a delight to the taste, as a presentation of the fresh vegetables on your plate will also be a delight for your eyes.


Our offerings :

  • Tomato plants
  • Greenhouse Tomato Plants
  • Cherry Tomato plants
  • Salad plants (Fennel, Arugula)
  • Plants cucumbers
  • Cabbage Plants
  • Onion Plants
  • Green onion seedlings
  • Pepper seedlings
  • Broccoli Plants
  • Plants of garlic
  • Herbs